Jordan & Whitney Headley
lead pastors


When it comes to people who love the local church, Jordan and Whitney are no different. Both growing up serving their churches in whatever capacity was needed, the love and need to be a part of something bigger in this world was sparked. The journey leading up to planting a church was not an easy one, but it was one that really molded and shaped the kind of leaders they are today.

After taking a season out of ministry and into the corporate world, Jordan and Whitney began to see a longing in people they hadn’t noticed before. A longing to live for more and to see that their day to day life can be lived for something bigger. Seeing this really pushed Jordan and Whitney to help people discover their purpose and to make a difference.

From Spanish Fort, Alabama to Nashville, Tennessee you’ll see eight years of loving people right where they are and helping them connect their purpose to something greater. After serving four amazing years with Cross Point Church in Nashville, Cross Point sent them with a similar approach. An approach that says “Everyone’s welcome, because nobody’s perfect, and with Jesus, anything’s possible.”

Now, they are taking that approach and all they’ve learned out west. With excitement, expectancy, and a passion burning in their hearts, Jordan, Whitney, and their daughter, Harper Rose, are walking in faith towards a dream God has been stirring in their hearts: to plant a healthy, life-giving church in Surprise, Arizona.